Botanical Inspiration at Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden

Waking up to my first weekend as a Londoner was exciting, yet overwhelming. I had been so looking forward to having everything on my doorstep, with unlimited opportunities to explore. But faced with the decision “so, what shall we do this weekend?”, I didn’t really know where to begin. I’d heard that Petersham Nurseries is a wonderful mix of botanical inspiration, fantastic food and homewares, but was unwilling to make a rushed trip to Richmond on a whim. But luckily, I discovered that the Boglione family, the faces behind Petersham Nurseries, had recently opened up a new location in the heart of Covent Garden. And let’s just say, their botanical-infused interiors store did not disappoint.

Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden

Walking into Petersham Nurseries is like stepping into an unexpected green Eden, sandwiched between Covent Garden’s pristine boutiques. The shop is packed with plants, unique pieces of furniture and decorative tableware. In the process of decorating our new flat, I’m drawn to the botanical trend and can’t resist the shapes and curves of succulents and cacti. The knowledgeable staff chatted away to customers, while others wandered, admiring some of the most unusual and interesting flora and fauna to ever meet a terracotta pot. There was just so much to look at, including the beautiful,  windowed ceilings which further add to the impression that you’ve entered a giant, tropical greenhouse. When I do make it to the original nursery in Richmond, I’m setting aside a day – I think I’ll need it. Plus, the cafe is said to be well worth a visit.

Interiors Inspiration from Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden

Succulents at Petersham Nurseries     Petersham Nurseries Shop in Covent Garden

Bringing the outside indoors

Plants. As you’d expect, plants are a big focus. Petersham creates a harmonious informality of contrasting shapes and sizes of plants in different textured pots. The colour schemes of the pots are mostly earthy, terracotta tones or neutral greys and beiges.

Textures. Another thing Petersham does well is blending textures. They mix rustic metal garden furniture,  grid-like mirrors that show signs of age and white-washed distressed wood. I also loved their seagrass baskets, using natural plant-based materials to add to the natural feel.

Home decor at Petersham Nurseries

If you haven’t got time to head to Richmond, take a breather from city life in Covent Garden. Enjoy the serenity of Petersham Nurseries and treat yourself to a plant (or two). I’m looking forward to sharing more beautiful spaces across London, that’s if I can decide where to visit next…

with love, b.xo


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