The Ikea House Party Pop-Up, Soho

This week, IKEA hosted an immersive event at 19 Greek Street in Soho to celebrate 30 years since the brand was introduced to the UK. 19 Greek Street is a fantastic central London space that is frequently transformed and redecorated to hold pop-up events and exhibitions. Across the venue’s four floors, the IKEA house party celebrated their retro collections from the 80s, 90s and 00s. It also gave a sneak peak into the future. The floors were interactive with actors dressed up from the decades chatting to guests, in addition to real TV footage playing from the era. In the evening, the venue welcomed guests to a real house party with DJs.

Retro IKEA catalogue covers - IKEA house party pop-up

Highlights from the IKEA House Party: 80s

30 years of IKEA in the UK

IKEA House Party - 80s interior decor

Highlights from the IKEA House Party: the future

Modern IKEA - Soho House Party Pop Up

Celebrating 30 years of IKEA at the IKEA house party

IKEA’s Impact in the UK

IKEA’s concept blends function, quality and design in a way that is affordable to the majority. The fact that many of their original products, such as the BILLY bookcases and £5 LACK square tables, have become permanent parts of their collection makes a case in point. So many IKEA products are instantly recognisable. A trip to their stores has become a day out, finished off with a plate of their famous Swedish meatballs. Now, constructing an IKEA wardrobe or set of drawers is almost a rite of passage for new home owners or young couples. Their concept has been nothing but successful here and now similar Scandinavian-born brands for lifestyle products, such as HEMA and Tiger, are popping up all around the UK. Whether or not you consider IKEA’s design to constitute ‘Beautiful Spaces‘, their influence on home decor in the UK is undeniable. They have helped make living more stylishly accessible, allowing us choice and flexibility within our homes.

If you missed the chance to visit, IKEA released a short video on the house party and shared some incredible facts about our love of home interiors. They revealed that we spend three full working weeks each year looking for home decor inspiration online! If that’s an average number, I’d imagine I spend much longer…

If you want to find out more about the event, search for #WonderfulEverday on social.

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