Moving to London and Adventures in Interiors

After a long time commuting, I’ve finally become a Londoner! Getting 3-4 hours of my day back means I can dedicate time to with love, b and re-position it to how it was always intended to be – a lifestyle and interiors blog. And of course, it helps to have my own flat and a new space to get creative with. There are definitely drawbacks to renting (no painting, obviously!) but luckily we’ve found somewhere that’s a pretty blank canvas with plenty of potential.

Grey interior design details

New adventures

I’m excited to share new stories about making a rented space a home, my addiction to upcycling furniture, pom poms and all-grey-everything . So, if, like me, you spend your spare time pinning dream homes on Pinterest, I hope you find some inspiration here! I’m going to be sharing my thoughts in three new categories:

Interiors Inspiration – Home decorating ideas and inspiration from own little slice of London. Sharing my favourite finds and upcycling projects.

Beautiful Spaces – Follow my adventures around the capital, exploring the decor of London’s secret spots and design-led interiors – from cafes and shops to exhibitions. I’ll probably find some inspiration from further afield, too.

Creative Thoughts – Everything else. Lifestyle ideas with a sprinkle of creative writing.

Inspiration from ELLE decor

I decorate, therefore I am

Some say you need a niche when it comes to blogging, others say post whatever you feel like. There shouldn’t be any rules, but after a few months experimenting, I’m happy to have re-organised with love, b to focus on what I really enjoy. They say write about what you love, right?

with love, b.xo





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