3 Reasons Why I Love Staycations

After a few very busy weeks and some terrible London commutes (let’s not talk about them), I couldn’t be happier to have a few days off. I’m a big fan of travelling and exploring new places, but sometimes there’s really nothing better than a staycation. I find it strange that I probably know more about some European cities than I do about some of ours. Although if I’m honest, my favourite staycations are less city breaks and more renting a cute cottage by the sea in the middle of nowhere. I’m sharing three reasons why a staycation is good for the soul and why this week, there’s no place I’d rather be than South Devon.

Three Reasons Why I Love Staycations - with love, b

#1 There’s nothing more relaxing

Staycations are one of the most relaxing breaks you can go on. No airports, no passports, just pack a bag, jump in the car and go. And when you get there, the pace of life just seems to slow down. Want to just watch the waves for a while? Go for it. Unlike going exploring abroad, there’s a much less pressing urge to do, well, anything. Removing yourself from life’s pressures, deadlines and often for me, train timetables, is the best way to unwind.

And one of the reasons that a staycation is so relaxing, is that there’s often no phone signal or wi-fi. When I feel like I’m running out of battery, there’s no better way to recharge. An excuse to get away from social media for a bit, to stop scrolling through my phone for no reason, to talk to people in person and do something offline for a while. It’s the best way to feel creative again, too.

The World Is Your Oyster - Seaside Flatlay

#2 The familiarity factor

As I write I’m sat looking out to sea in one of my favourite places in the world. I have been going here since I was two years old. Sure, there’s been other staycations around the UK, but nothing ever matches up. It’s one of the places other than my home where I’ve spent the most nights throughout my life. It’s comforting because nothing ever changes. The seaside air smells the same, the view is the same, the locals are the same. And the feeling is exactly the same. I step out of the car and everything is immediately better. Anyone my family and I take falls in love with the place.

Staycations in South Devon

#3 The best of British

Going on a staycation, especially by the seaside, often means great food and even better views. Is there anything better than fresh seafood or hot pasties? Going to local delis and bakeries is one of my favourite things to do on a staycation. As is being reminded just how beautiful our own country is. We’re always desperate to get away, and although it’s great to get a bit of sun, I think we underappreciate what we have at home. I love staying in quirky, wonky cottages that are full of charm. Think Kate Winslet’s cottage in The Holiday.

These are just some of the reasons why I keep coming back here. You may have noticed I haven’t told you where in South Devon ‘here’ is. I’m afraid it’s staying my secret! Do you have a special place in the UK that you always visit but don’t want to share? I have most definitely left my heart at the seaside.

with love, b.xo


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