Twenty ways to ruin your twenties without knowing it

I’m saying hello to Spring with a bit of reflection. When you’re a student, I don’t think you really clock that you’re entering your early twenties. It’s not until starting a graduate job that I have started to feel (or pretended to be) more of an ‘adult’. Student life, sadly, has very little resemblance to working life! It’s got me thinking about how much pressure we put on our twenties. Most of us want to have life all figured out by age 30. I imagine most would say they still don’t have a clue even when they reach middle age. Yet, we believe that our twenties will be ‘the best years of our lives’. So, what’s getting in the way? How do we stop this being a reality? I’m sharing twenty ways we’re accidentally ruining our twenties!

Hello Spring - 20 ways you're ruining your twenties

Twenty ways NOT to be happy during your twenties

  1. Being too scared to experiment with your identity and style
  2. Choosing a career path just to pay the bills
  3. Choosing a career path just because others will approve of it
  4. Comparing yourself to the success of others your age
  5. Getting stuck in a dead-end relationship
  6. Fearing commitment because you’re ‘too young’
  7. Being so obsessed with saving for ‘tomorrow’ that you forget to live for today
  8. Not challenging yourself and trying new things outside of your comfort zone
  9. Believing that you can’t make any more friends
  10. Travelling because it’s ‘the thing to do’
  11. Not travelling because you think you should ‘do the sensible thing’
  12. Waiting for life to happen, rather than making it happen
  13. Blaming others for not achieving your goals
  14. Not chasing dreams and taking risks for fear of failure
  15. Not understanding that most of the time happiness is a choice
  16. Being so obsessed by your goals that you’re always looking ahead
  17. Not seeking new things to learn, because you’re ‘done with education’
  18. Thinking that you’re the only person who has ever felt a certain way
  19. Falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you in your entirety
  20. Becoming so wrapped up in the past, you miss the present

Spring Flowers - 20 ways you're ruining your 20s

What can we learn? Well for starters, that this is my opinion, you don’t have to agree with all of it (or any of it), isn’t that the whole point? But, I’d say every single twenty-something can relate to at least one thing on this list, most probably a few things. The main takeaways  are learning to live for now (not yesterday, not tomorrow), to take the risks which make yourself happier, whether or not they follow the path others have set out for you. Being an individual. Being responsible for your own happiness. It’s time to spring-clean our twenty-something mindset!

with love, b.xo




  1. TeaPartyPrincess March 16, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    This is perfect and kinda what I needed right now 👌
    I’m making a real effort to live more for now.

    • withloveb March 16, 2017 / 9:15 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Me too! I’ve just started using a ‘one line a day’ journal which is helping! x

  2. Lizzie Bee April 19, 2017 / 7:11 am

    I agree with this so so much! It’s actually given me a reality check as I realise that I am ruining my twenties because I’m stressing so much about the future that I forget about living in the now.

  3. withloveb April 19, 2017 / 7:50 am

    I totally agree, I’m always thinking ahead but forgetting about today! It’s good to keep in mind now and again 🙂

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