Why antique is the new chic

Style is cyclical

I recently wrote about style and what it means to various lifestyle and fashion bloggers. The answer I pieced together was that it’s something very individual, a form of self-expression – the way we choose to represent ourselves to the world. What I didn’t touch upon, however, was how fashion moves in circles. Nothing is really ever new, trends are re-interpreted and re-imagined as the decades pass. I’m sure most of us have heard our parents say “I had one of those!” or “urgh, are they making a comeback?” And I’d say that it’s the same for interior trends. The shops (and my Pinterest) are awash with succulents, cacti and spider plants at the moment. Indoor gardening is most definitely ‘in’, but it’s not new. Building a jungle in your living room was typical of the 1970s. So, what am I trying to say? That, in fact, taking a trip back in time might just be the best way to stay on trend.

Antique and vintage is the new chic

Finding hidden gems

The popularity of vintage fashion and memorabilia has soared in the past few years. I used to hate going to antique shops with my parents to look for furniture, I thought they were so very uncool (and musty). But now, (pretend-adulting), I’d jump at the chance to explore a wonky shop, packed with a random selection of bric-a-brac. The definition of antique is really “a collectable object that has a high value because of its age and quality”. However, I’d say antique shops are a bit hit and miss, you’ll often just find a pile of horrendous china dogs and rusty brass ornaments – not my idea of ancient quality.  But there are definitely benefits when compared to following ‘new’ fashions on the DIY high street. The problem with modern shops reproducing old trends is that they often indulge our throw-away culture (not always, I know!) Things aren’t built to last and can just end up looking cheap. But in an antique shop, you’ll find heaps of charm, and sometimes a hidden gem.

Pink vintage tea set

I’ve just picked up this pastel pink tea set with gold trim for £16. Four teacups, four saucers and four plates. That’s definitely good value and it’s oddly on trend, channeling bakeries and patisseries to the likes of Peggy Porschen, and dare I say it, Ladurée. Perhaps few others in their early twenties would get so excited about some vintage crockery, but I love that I’ve got something different and feel pretty smug about my find. A Saturday afternoon well spent, I think.

Time for tea: retro teacup

Visiting antique shops is a bit like UK-style thrift shopping in charity shops, I guess. Not something I’ve really done, but I know loads of people (probably ‘cooler’ than me) who have found retro designer pieces. The idea seems to be to target shops in well-off areas as they’re more likely to have great finds. Have you ever found anything in an antique or charity shop that you’ve fallen in love with? Antique is most definitely the new chic.

with love, b.xo



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