5 Reasons To Love Trouva

Have you heard of Trouva? I’m obsessed.

Whether it’s in London or I’m on a staycation somewhere else in the UK, my favourite days comprise of good food and good local shopping. There’s nothing like stepping into a carefully curated independent shop where the talent doesn’t stop at the products stocked. Each indie shop tells a story and showcases the owner’s creative flair for visual merchandising. They’re inspiring to browse and the best way to discover new brands and design talent.

While there is a counter surge towards people buying local and supporting their high streets, big chains and high prices too often force out our indie shops. That’s where Trouva comes in. Trouva is a platform for wonderful independent boutiques that have a bricks-and-mortar presence. It gives owners the technology to reach more people and aspires to create a stronger community between people like me who love these boutiques and their owners.

Want to discover more? Here are five great reasons to love Trouva. I know, I’m aware that I’m starting to sound like a #ad, but it’s all me, I promise!

Inside Trouva boutique Cassius & Coco, Chiswick

Inside London Trouva boutique Cassius & Coco

1. The Feel-Good Factor

Trouva allows you to support talented designers and talented boutique owners. It helps you to find new favourites and watch them grow. You’ll also soon discover you have a long list of boutiques you’ll want to visit in person someday, too.

2. The Style

Regretting not buying those beautiful bowls you saw that time in Edinburgh? You’ll probably find them on Trouva. It’s a great way to buy something different and get your hands on hard-to-find homewares. The site helps you to fill your home with unique products and give more interesting gifts than those from the high street. It’s on-trend with an artisan twist – altogether more interesting! And it’s not just homewares, the platform is full of fashion and lifestyle accessories too.

3. The Quality

Trouva claim that they are particularly picky when it comes to choosing boutiques and their products and it shows. Everything fits together perfectly and mimics the boutique experience when you shop online. It’s user-friendly, a joy to browse and you know the items you choose will be of a high quality.

4. The Personal Touch

When you buy from Trouva, you’re buying from a physical store. There’s no one-size fits all for the packaging you receive inside your box – you might get a handwritten note, postcard or perfectly wrapped items in tissue paper. This is the community feel and it’s the definition of happy post.

5. The Clincher

You’re probably thinking, “it sounds pretty good, but how does this work logistically?”┬áThe best part is that you can buy from as many boutiques as you like during one purchase and the delivery fee is the same! It’s quite dangerous, actually…

With these reasons, you’d be mad not to give Trouva a whirl. Wondering where to start? Take a look at the full list of boutiques on Trouva or start following their blog, it’s pretty cool. If you have heard of it, have you got a favourite boutique? I’d love to check it out!

with love, b.xo



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